You are cordially invited to join The Janeway Collective; to receive priority notification as to the Collective’s doings, in addition to other special privileges. Your contribution will help fund new programs and services, as well as support the in perpetuity maintenance of The Captain Kathryn Janeway Monument.

Active Membership

The highest membership level.  The Active level is meant for those who want to put their mark on The Collective. 

  • Votes on Executive Board seats
  • Votes on By-Law amendments
  • Attend general board meetings
  • Suggest meeting agenda items
  • Hold elected or appointed positions beginning in 2022
  • Receives other benefits, including a one-time coupon to the Replimat Boutique

*All board members must join at this level

$25 / Year

Supporting Membership

The most affordable membership level.  The Supporting level is meant for those who wish to lend their financial support to the mission of The Collective. Benefits currently include a digital membership card and recognition as a member on this website.

$15 / Year