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Charlie Bird Visits Janeway

If you’re from Bloomington, or visit Bloomington often you might be aware of a somewhat famous bird, named Charlie.

He can be found at our Farmers Market, the Public Library and other places downtown quite often.

Charlie Bird has been suffering from some health issues, and so it was decided to create a children’s book to highlight the places Charlie loves to visit.  The digital version was released last night, with a page highlighting his visit to The Captain Janeway Statue.

If you want to learn more about Charlie, and his adventures please visit his website at or his facebook page.

A good captain always gives credit where credit is due, with that there are a couple of other people to thank as well.

Sarah Milward, the author of this book whom I communicated with over subspace communications and the artist who put the words into beautiful imagery, Winnie King.  You can find more information on Winnie through her facebook page, Winnie King Comics, or on instagram at @winniefrez.


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