The Prime Directive

Do Not Be Concerned

The following letter to the editor was published in Bloomington Indiana’s local newspaper, The Herald-Times on July 29th, 2022.

Should we be concerned about Janeway visit?

It was recently announced that Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Kathryn Janeway in the NBC television series “Star Trek: Voyager,” will be coming to visit the Janeway bust for an event on Oct. 23rd of this year.

I have always been against the Janeway statue but have decided to break my silence on this occasion. The bust is clearly a violation of the Temporal Prime Directive and will cause irreversible damage to the timeline if the future Janeway, who will be born in Bloomington in the year 2344, is allowed to see it and learn of the future adventures of her and her crew.

We know that Captain Janeway will be notorious for her disregard for the timeline, stating at one point “Temporal mechanics give me a headache.” We cannot trust that she will learn about Voyager getting stranded in the Delta Quadrant and allow it to happen the way it is supposed to. This will affect literally billions of lives, and endanger the Federation’s future success against the threat of the Borg Collective.

Do you want causality loops and paradoxes? Because this is how you get causality loops and paradoxes. Bring down with the Janeway statue, save the timeline.

Meghan Danzig, Bloomington

One reply on “Do Not Be Concerned”

My fiance surprised me with a very spur of the moment trip to Bloomington, the moment she learned that there was a Janeway statue. It was an awesome little pilgrimage from the other side of Indiana, and we’ve got our calendars marked for Mulgrew’s visit. Looking forward eagerly to more information! Would love to get our photo of us with her statue autographed, if by chance she’s doing those too!

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